Hello! Welcome to THE LITTLE SHABBY ROSE CO. I provide fine art photo home decor with a shabby chic flair. I specialize in floral and beach photography which allows me to spend countless hours enjoying nature. I equally love traveling to historic places to capture the beauty of flowers from long ago - most often found in old cemeteries! Growing up in the south, I learned to appreciate the beautiful Victorian and Antebellum homes and my husband and I love to drive the backroads to discover as many as possible! 


The Little Shabby Rose Co. name incorporates three of my very favorite things: My cat named Little, shabby chic decorating and roses! And in my world, all three are related! Little was a stray cat that followed me home one day and never left. She was one of the most loyal cats I’ve had the privilege of loving and this past year she got very sick and now lives on in our memories. I loved her so much, mostly because she loved me and always wanted to be by my side. And this leads me to roses and decorating! I am a fine art floral photographer and my favorite flower is the rose. I decided to try my hand at planting a rose garden so I would have roses to photograph. Little was my helper...always by my side. 

My favorite decorating style is “shabby chic” and has been for many years. I love the soft, cozy feel it brings to a room. As a floral photographer, I noticed there is a lot of rose paintings in this style of decorating, but not that much photography. I love pairing my photography with vintage (or almost vintage) frames - it just completes the look. In addition to framed photography, my images can also be found on greeting cards, calendars, pillows, tote bags and a variety of other products.