Bebe's Garden

Writing has never been my strength. I'd rather tell a story with pictures. You've heard the cliche "a picture says a thousand words." So, I will let the photo do most of the talking! This camellia is from my Mother's garden. It was one of the last camellia's I photographed while visiting her. This camellia sat in her kitchn - one of many flowers that scattered the kitchen table, window sills and counters. She had numerous small vases and jars and I will never forget how beautiful these flowers made her humble kitchen look.

My mother (Beverly, a.k.a. Bebe) passed away in January of 2015. In a few more days, she will be gone two years. I am still grieving her loss. She was only 68 years old. Her passion for growing flowers didn't pass on to me (I did not inherit her green thumb), but the love for their beauty certainly did. My mother created art from dirt and seeds and I create art through photography. The more I photograph flowers, the closer I feel to her. She is with me forever and always. I just wish I could show her how something she loved has inspired me so much.

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